Know Every Time a Marketing Change Happens

  • What changed?
  • By how much?
  • What caused it?
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Be the One Who Knows "Why"

A.I. connects performance results to edits in your ads, website, and more.

Don't Miss Anything

Automated analysis does what a whole team can do in a month... every hour.

Alerted Only to What Matters

Expert human review prevents false alarms.

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It Sucks When... WTF!

Web Tracking Fumble!

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From Reactive,

(you scrambling to explain changes in performance way after they happen)

To Proactive.

(you knowing the highest priority in real-time and and responding with speed and confidence)


Faster Detection Means...

  • Better connection of action to outcome
  • More understanding of cause and effect
  • Smarter teams
  • Better performance, dramatically less time wasting

Comprehensive Monitoring, Set Up By the Pros

  • Connect Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or your own custom data.
  • Our consultants will map your key events and leading indicators for analysis.
  • Agile analytics monitors all your data in real-time.
  • Get notifications of key changes in data. In parallel , our analysts will investigate root causes.

Did You Know?

On average, it takes over 1 million individual comparisons to comprehensively review performance every day?

Think about it. What would it take to review each metric (transactions, sessions, checkouts, adds to cart, engagements, etc.) by each landing page, source, medium, device, etc?

It's no wonder stuff flies under your radar.

We Get It

Not Another Dashboard

This isn't another system to log into. Get insights in the tool stack that you already use.

Get notifications in Slack/Email/SMS/etc.

Ingest critical events into any reporting (Tableau/DataStudio/etc.)

No Extra Work

We've been in seats like yours. The last thing you need is another integration project.

Working with us means that we do the setup and then we monitor and investigate the detections we find.

Your Butt = Covered

Don't trust analysis to what you had just enough time to glance at. Make sure that you're watching everything, all the time.

People will wonder, "Did you get superpowers?!" Yes. Yes, you did.

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We're currently taking a limited number of beta partners at early-partner pricing. 80% off of market value. Forever.

As we complete the roadmap (below) we'll be building specifically to the needs of our early-partners.

The roadmap:

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